Roundy Squares

Soft toys handmade in Ireland using upcycled fabrics. In Lovely Leitrim bits n bobs of upcycled fabric become soft wünder-beings! Stephie and Krzysiek design and make “RoundySquares”. Their handmade plush toys are colourful, friendly creatures that Uncle Dmitri up the road, your cousin’s new baby, Granny’s new pet or any kiddie – both little and […]

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  MAMUKKO is a creative workshop, a family micro-business run by Hungarian brothers Levente & Attila Magyar. From our Kinsale (Co. Cork, Ireland) based workshop, we produce a contemporary and affordable range of handmade handbags & accessories. These original and innovative creations are made of upcycled sailcloth, PVC tarpaulin and marine fabrics. Our collection of functional […]

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Alternative Flowers Hand made flowers made from all sorts of used papers including envelopes, newspapers, scrap paper & even paper made from textile industry thread scraps. Bouquets can be made to order and make for a beautiful alternative for special occasions such as weddings & birthdays. A wonderful alternative to give to a hospital patient […]

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